Saturday, September 20, 2008


These Amazon losers, and the shitty customers they sent me, just won't die. I received this a short while ago:

Greetings from Amazon Payments.

We are writing to let you know that the credit card issuer has contacted us
on behalf of the buyer of the transaction listed below.
Order date: 04/23/2008
Order number: 102-3490352-2678665
Items Purchased:
1 of (4GB Touch Screen 2.8" TFT MP3/MP4 Music/Video Player + Accessories) for 69.95

Shipping Address:

carlos devora
19329 Elaine DR.

In order to respond to the credit card issuer on your behalf, we need you
to provide us with proof of delivery, which we will provide to the credit card issuer.

So, I sent the following heart-felt response:

This customer supposedly supplied the wrong address (which Amazon verified) and has spent months blaming me for shipping it there. Since the tracking number is already in your system under this order, I don't know why you need for me to go in and copy and paste this information from your own website.

This customer was just another bad customer that Amazon supplied to me. This customer, and Amazon for that matter, have wasted enough of my company's time and resources. I am supplying this information for the last time. I do not want to hear this, or anything else from your company every again.

Tracking Number, to the address supplied by the Customer, and Amazon: EO023874157US
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