Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucking for Buyers Now Too

I needed to buy something, and no one had it. But it was listed on Amazon. I paid about $400 for the items. The seller was out of stock and canceled the order. Hey, I get it, it happens. Amazon however, put a hold on my credit card. Of course, they wont release those funds either. I went around in circles with them.

In my Chat Window, I had this to say:

Me: Thank you, for once again proving, that Amazon is completely worthless to me. As a seller, or a buyer, you suck. I hate Amazon more than words. Thanks for not being able to help at all. You DO realize I am out $400 until it feels like dropping off by itself right? As If I had $400 to just sit around, doing nothing. Not to mention the fact, that since the seller advertised a product he didn't have in stock, I STILL had to spend another $400 to buy from someone else. That is now $800 out of my pocket. How much credit do you think I actually have, anyway? Since the seller made a mistake, doesn't that mean the almighty Amazon should be shutting down his seller account, and freezing his assets for 3 months, for being a terrible person? After all, that's what your crappy company did to my seller account. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Please let your supervisor know what I think about that.

Evil Amazon's Slave: "We are really sorry for the inconvenience John, we really didn't expect that the seller will not have the inventory for the item. I will forward your comments to our seller department."

Me: I dont blame the seller. I blame AMAZON for not contacting my bank, at my my own request, and releasing the funds.

Evil Amazon's Slave: "You need to contact your bank."

Me: Now, you just further waste my time. They told me to contact you. I told them it was Amazon, and Amazon doesn't care. So, I am not going to waste any more, of either of our time. It's a Saturday night, and I have somewhere to be. But, I just want you to know that this has not been resolved, (not even any attempt made, as you could call the bank with me on the phone). Anyway, I have already posted it on my blog, frequented by people who have been run over by Amazon's Corporate Machine. It will be found on Google shortly. Have a nice day.
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