Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 70

Dear Amazon,

I'll bet that by this point, my situation has worked it's way all the way up to middle management. And still nothing has been done about it. Yeah for corporate policy.

Total Owed to Me: $2073.96 Plus Interest
Emails Requesting My Money: 70
Emails I have left to send you: 20


Rich said...

Hey let me know if they give you your owed money at the end of the 90 painful days.....im at day 14....i got 90 from July 1st they owe me $980.00 sad...because i made that in 1 day of being on amazon....if they left me alone i would have been making good money but like you said desperation leads to creativity....and im opening my own store online now.

-=LRK=- said...

They said they would. Why would they lie?

So, yeah, you should definately check out my other website howibecamerich.info because there is a world of information about online selling. Most informative.

Thanks for visiting.

Rich said...

yeah I already did....im already aware of all that already....i was pushing bose got em for 15 a piece from the chinese factories and sold em for 32 each....small profit but if your selling 20 a day u do the math.....i've been doing all this stuff for a while.....but its all dead now since amazon and ebay started being cops now

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