Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amazon Does It Again

Here I am, almost a year past the pain of all the blog entries before this one. Even though I've had a rough history with Amazon, I figured business is business, so I signed up for their own search thing. Please note, this is not to be a seller with them, simply a generic PPC that happens on their system.

Their signup was by far the easiest, and fastest of all product searches. There was no Up front fee, which is the only reason I chose to try them. It would be billed after the fact. They were also the only ones to accept the Google feed I already had.

Sadly, of the 660ish items I uploaded to them, they denied everything but 20 or so Bluetooth headsets. The reason, was that the category was closed. Sure would have been nice if the system told me that up front, instead of saying it was A-OK for me to list in Technology and Cell Phones. Once again, Amazon lied to get me in the door, and then left me with nothing in the end.

I decided to pull off the 20 items it did accept for 2 reasons. One was that my prices were considerably higher than the same items already listed on Amazon (one of the main reasons I won't sell on there again), and the other reason was that the system had it listed in the wrong categories (it put some bluetooth in office supplies, others went into sporting goods, etc.)

I really hate Amazon, with every fiber of my being. I mean, If if I still sold on there, they would be taking what little profit was left over, on their damn fees anyway.


Nicole Lee said...

so even they told what they will hold your money for 90 days, have you got them early ? they own me 4600 USD, i'm so mad, they said they will hold it for 90 days..

sales said...

Unfortunately, people only find this blog AFTER Amazon steals their money. You will need to wait the 90 days. No matter what you do, or how you do it, they will not budge. On the 91st day, they will send you a payment, which will take another few days to make it into your account.

If (when) you try to sneak back on, they can catch you a number of different ways.

1. IP address - Change the MAC address on the router and reboot that and the modem. You will get a new address from Comcast or whoever you have.

2. Cookies - Empty your cookies from your web browser. You can even install a new browser like Opera, just for logging back into Amazon.

3. Adobe Flash Cache - Yup, if you look around your system, you will find that they all do this, ebay, paypal, etc. Obviously, empty the cache. I forget where it was hiding on the system, but it's there.


I am disappointed you people are being less than civilized about what Amazon had done to you. Of course, you have plenty of reasons to be upset. However, the more effective way to deal with it is to write to Amazon's execs, file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, file a lawsuit in your local state or federal court. Be firm in your actions - you undermine your position when you start posting silly remarks, using foul language, etc.

Currently, there is a lawsuit pending in federal court (Segal et al v., Inc.) - link:

Don't just talk nonsense, do something meaningful!

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