Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Sorry You Found My Blog

Unfortunately, people only find this blog AFTER Amazon steals their money. You will need to wait the 90 days. No matter what you do, or how you do it, they will not budge. On the 91st day, they will send you a payment, which will take another few days to make it into your account.

If (when) you try to sneak back on, they can catch you a number of different ways.

1. IP address - Change the MAC address on the router and reboot that and the modem. You will get a new address from Comcast or whoever you have.

2. Cookies - Empty your cookies from your web browser. You can even install a new browser like Opera, just for logging back into Amazon.

3. Adobe Flash Cache - Yup, if you look around your system, you will find that they all do this, ebay, paypal, etc. Obviously, empty the cache. I forget where it was hiding on the system, but it's there.


thyrsus said...

Thanks for your blog!! I'm happy that you got your money back. And your blog is funny too!!

I, too, have had money unreasonably held by Amazon for an order that I had already refunded to the customer -- who was an obvious liar and cheat. It wasn't close to your $2000+, but I don't take getting ripped off for any amount lightly. And the arrogance and rudeness of Amazon's "customer service" (Ha!!) really just shocked me.

I too started a blog: My blog is partially about my story and partially about other people that Amazon has abused and the threat of Amazon to the whole publishing industry and its generally venal conduct in all of the areas in operates in.

Your blog will be featured in an upcoming post.

Believe it or not, my money was refunded in less than the 30 days that Amazon said it would take (or longer, said the rude Amy at customer service.) I see that people on Amazon internet addresses in 3 different cities read my blog. I'd like to think that the pressure it exerted helped get my money back.

But Amazon has shown its true colors. I will never trust them again. And I will not rest until it is broken up and taken down.

All readers: Please contribute to the Amazon Abuse blog at

The Blog of a Mad Marketing Exec said...

I am currently gathering names and complaints from people who are currently (or have ever) been victims of Amazon's (or Paypal) fund holds. This is illegal in all but 2 states, and I want to gather as large a group as possible to make them pay for this unethical business practice. Best case scenario would be a class action lawsuit. At the very least they will be forced to pay fines and release your funds. Please email me at amazoncomplaints@gmail .com. I want to hear from you!

Jordan Russell
Founding Partner, The Russell Group

Marissa Stephenson said...

Amazon has stolen 67 dollars from me and is trying to blame my bank. My bank has confirmed that the money was taken by amazon.

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