Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 1

Dear Amazon,

I was really hoping that Amazon would care more for the sellers than eBay. I guess not. I say this because all you did was look at some blanket numbers, and not a situation. I am an excellent seller. You could easily see that my Positive Feedback isn't just 5 stars each, it is people actually thanking me for the good solid customer service I provide. If this email is not read, and my case is not reviewed by someone who is willing to look at my sales as a whole, then your entire system is flawed, and you are doing your sellers, and customers, an injustice.

1) This A-Z Claim was because of the customers SPAM filter and never saw my response. I did my part as a seller on the Amazon system. This is beyond my control.

2) I have some 100 orders, 10 feedback, and one negative. All you see is 10% bad feedback, not 99% satisfied customers. I tried to get more positive, but few bothered to respond. This is also beyond my control. The ones that did take the time, gave me five stars for my service. This should definitely count in my favor.

3) Last week I was sent an email about how I am not a good enough seller for you. This email was because ONE customer left negative feedback and she ever did email me. Then, after I responded, I never did hear from her then either. So, I honestly can't say what really happened. I could have gotten her to retract the negative if she had ever responded.

4) My first A-Z claim was someone over 70, and honestly did not know what he was doing. He also left two negative feedback that he retracted when it was explained what he had done. He did not wait long enough for the item to be returned and felt I was not going to help him. Again, customers that don't understand the system do not make me a bad seller.

5) If it took me 3 months to get 10 feedback, no way I could get 100 in a week before the next uninformed customer stepped in to complain next.

Can you see how long and detailed this message is? This is how I contact every ONE of my customers. Please do NOT make me another statistic. There is absolutely NOTHING else as a seller I can do for my customers. The ones that don't read the listings, are older, impatient, hardly speak English, or don't read their emails... these are the people that are hardest to reach out to. No matter how bad of a situation my customers have had, I have been there for each and every one of them, resolving their situations. Even if it is the Post Office, I still pick up the phone for them, and track the package, but I can only do that when they contact me first.

Please reconsider my standing in your community.

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