Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amazon Responds... Again.... and Again... and...

This is the third time they have given me three different dates. These people are fucking idiots.

Dear XXX,

We initiated a transfer to your checking account (last three digits XXX) of $1578.94 on 08/18/2008.

Funds usually arrive within 3 - 5 banking days, but times vary by bank. If you have not received your funds within 7 banking days, you may contact us at

To see more information about payments to your seller account:
1. Log in to
2. Click the “Reports” tab and then choose the "Payments" option.
3. Use the drop-down menu on the left to see past disbursements.

Thank you for choosing Customer Service


thejames said...
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thejames said...
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Unknown said...

A buyer scammed me on Amazon buy saying the item I sent them was used, when in fact I had sent him a brand new item.

He said the item had been forwarded to him in the Middle East, and he was unable to return the item. I looked up his address and found dozens of people reporting being scammed in different ways by this person. So, I told him I could not just give him his money back without a return.

He filed an A to Z claim, and I presented my case, including pictures of his address (nothing more than an abandoned-looking warehouse in a warehouse district), and of course links to tons of reports of people being scammed by this person.

Within 60 seconds some fake Amazon person named "Sigirikonda" or something like that replied by e-mail. This was not enough time to examine any of my claims. She said that, "because the item was not described, the customer is not obligated to return the item." She said Amazon would give me 2 or 3 days (forget which) to work out a return with the seller, who had already refused a return. I tried to contact A to Z several times for clarification, but they gave me none.

I e-mailed the seller and asked him how much extortion money he wanted. He said he would take $350, and he would not have to return the item. In return he would remove the A to Z claim and negative feedback he had left for me. I paid him off the same day all this began, and he removed the claim and the negative feedback the exact same day. I checked the claim several times over the next few days, because I wanted to be very sure it was closed. It was always listed under "Resolved: No Option to Appeal". All of a sudden, on the 1st I start seeing all these update notices on the page saying there was communication going on between Amazon, the buyer, and myself, and all of a sudden on the 2nd Amazon refunds him the remaining $154 for no apparent reason. My seller account was in the negative, so they tried to hit my debit card, which did not have the necessary funds. They are pressuring me to update my payment info, but I do not have the money to pay them until I sell more things, and I am worried they will suspend my seller privileges if I cannot pay the money back fast enough. I have always had a good relationship with Amazon. I have sold over 1200 items on Amazon over 6 years or so, and I have never had an A to Z claim against me. After e-mailing the A to Z claims people many times and being completely ignored, and informed that they do not receive e-mail at that address (a flat-out lie), I tried going through Seller support. Both support representatives saw that there was an issue and had no trouble understanding exactly why I was upset, but A to Z continued to ignore me. Today I received an e-mail from Seller Support:

"I have reviewed your account and determined that the information provided to you by previous associates is correct. We cannot refund your $156.94.

I understand that you may be disappointed with this outcome. However, the Seller Support team cannot extend any exceptions.

Seller Support is unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding this issue will not be answered.

Thank you for your understanding"

Now they are saying my selling privileges have been suspended? For what? This was not even relevant to my help requests. They are telling me I cannot even ask why my seller privileges have been suspended? Is it because I asked too many questions? What is going on?!

trevor burke said...

amazon took my money and then i got a message saying they cant deliver to my address and said they did not take my money but my online banking shows that they did how do i get my money back

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