Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 31

Dear Amazon,
I can't believe I have given back $1000.00 worth of sales for no particular reason. I had to take the products back and sell them again on other websites. At least your not getting a commission, you thieves.

Total Owed to Me: $2073.96 Plus Interest
Emails Requesting My Money: 31
Emails I have left to send you: 59

1 comment:

thejames said...

Me too. I sold almost $3,000 of merchandise through Amazon and never received a penny. Amazon is a criminal enterprise headed by Jeff "Bozo" Bezos. The only explanation for this action must be that Amazon is experiencing a major cash crunch and is cooking their books. They freeze seller disbursements for no reason at all. Check out my site where you can also leave a comment in my guestbook. The word needs to get out about Amazon's blatant thievery. There is nothing too bad which can happen to this scum.

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