Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 51

Dear Amazon,

Yesterday, I filed the following letter with the Better Business Bureau. They responded back to me today, saying they forwarded the letter over to you. I wonder if anything will happen because of it? I was not surprised to see the thousands of complaints before mine. I WAS surprised that despite thousands of complaints, you were still in good standing.

"The feedback system is one sided, and impossible to keep a clean record. As a result, one morning I woke up and found a negative, a neutral, and a claim against my company. Without giving me time to correct any of these issues, my account was shut down, and told I would not be paid for 90 days, this was 50 days ago.

I have written to the company every single day requesting my money back. There is simply no morally justifiable reason for this. They say it's to protect MY customer, but I have respected my customers more than Amazon has respected me.

I have inventory still on my shelf, and the business has all but closed. Because of Amazon's unfair seller practices, I have thousands on my shelf, and thousands "on hold".

This is more than inconvenient, I genuinely can no longer even put food on my table, and that is the truth. The company stands behind "Section 2" on the agreement that says they can hold all my money. The part about paying me every two weeks for money that I earned, is simply ignored.

Amazon is collecting 3 months worth of interest on MY money. This is simply unacceptable. They do this because in the time it takes to file a small claims, they will have already returned the money. This is just legal sidestepping.

I have had to return $1000 to customers for no particular reason, other than to try and protect my investment.

I could go on for an hour, but the bottom line is this: My business was railroaded, the company does not care how this has affected me or my family, I have thousands in inventory, and the company still owes me thousands."

Total Owed to Me: $2073.96 Plus Interest
Emails Requesting My Money: 51
Emails I have left to send you: 39

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