Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 35

Dear Amazon,

I just read an article about how dissatisfied customers are writing blogs about their experiences. I found it quite interesting. I thought maybe you would too. I really should start one of those... oh wait, I already did.

Total Owed to Me: $2073.96 Plus Interest
Emails Requesting My Money: 35
Emails I have left to send you: 55


holly said...

Your scenario with Amazon.com is exactly the same as mine. They have been holding a lot of my money now for 30+ days and counting. I am actively trying to recruit enough people for a class action lawsuit to go after them on this. From my research on the internet, there are thousands upon thousands of accounts this is happening to. Interestingly, it seems most of these complaints have originated within the last year or so. Please email me with any info you have regarding this and if you have others that have contacted you. My email is newmoonmall@yahoo.com

-=LRK=- said...

Ever fight a traffic ticket? You won't get your court date until at least 4 months from the violation.I filed against a tenant and do not expect anything for 6 months or so.

The problem is that as long as they pay within 90 days, it would not even be looked at by a superior court. At that point, what are they even going to do? Section 2 of the agreement does state 90 days, so does PayPal.

So as for me, even though I am financially dying, I just accept it for what it is, and in mid August, I will get my money. Until then, I will continue to look for email address of Amazon Staff that I can add to my mailing list.

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