Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 45

Dear Amazon,

Well, this is it, the half way point. 45 emails ignored because of Section 2. It clearly does not matter how much financial distress I am in, your company simply does not care. I honestly can't believe that you threw away a good, honest seller because some project dwellers that don't know how to contact Customer Support before leaving negative feedback. Not to mention how your system blatantly ignores the 100+ buyers that could not be bothered to leave feedback at all. Would you propose I go to their house begging for feedback? Maybe I could get it at gunpoint? Just to offset some silly math equation? If you don't want me to sell for you, that's fine. Just give me my money back, I earned it.

Total Owed to Me: $2073.96 Plus Interest
Emails Requesting My Money: 45
Emails I have left to send you: 45

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